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Valid identification document is required - passport or ID card. Driver’s licence won't be accepted.

It is strictly prohibited to be in shoooting range for persons who are under alcohol, narcotics, psychotropic or other intoxicating substances.

It is prohibited to be in shooting gallery without instructor's permission.

It is only allowed to use weapons which are in shooting order and complies with the laws and regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Outside the line of fire the weapon must be in a holster, carrying case, or at the shooting instructor.

Firearm may be loaded only on the line of fire and with instructor's command: "Load!".

Cartridge with a loaded ammunition may be inserted in weapon only on the line of fire and after instructor's command.

Shooting is only allowed after instructors command "Fire!".

Shooting is only allowed in instructors showed direction.

Weapon has to be hold in the way that it points the target. It is strictly forbidden to point the weapon towards other persons or yourself.

When instructor gives command "Stop!", immediately stop shooting. Take finger off the trigger and put down the weapon.

If the technical failure with a weapon occurs while shooting, the weapon must be lowered, instructor must be informed and after his command the firearm must be given to him. While giving weapon to instructor, the barrel must point towards ground. It is forbidden to customers to perform technical failure prevention.

At instructor's command "Unload", the weapon must be immediately discharged without leaving your site and firearm must be given to instructor. Cartridge must be disconnected, the breech must be open.

If some technical problems occur in shooting range, shooting has to be stopped independently without the instructor's command.


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